Over the Air/ Mobile development conference

Over the Air conference

I attended the Over the Air conference Friday 4th April, at Imperial College London.
The conference part lecture part seminars discussed current mobile development trends from leading mobile companies such as apple (iphone), Nokia, and Adobe, and google, just to name a few.

All details can be found on here:
www.overtheair.org and, here for some of the videos from the conference.

What did I learn there and was it relevant for my project?
Well, first, it was an opportunity for me to get a brief overview of current developing technology for the mobile platform.There are many and a lot of different technology to learn which I am not familiar with.
Of particular interest was a presentation by Brian Fling from flingmedia.com on developing web apps and native apps for the iPhone and mobile applications.

Developing myfitnessguru for the iphone and ipod touch is currently the best possible solution at this stage if I take into consideration all the limitation I am facing for this particular task. That means developing for a small audience, yes but developing to current web mobile standard which I believe are important for mobile web users. It also mean the best current mobile user experience on the market and as Fling mentioned during the conference, the iPhone “set the standards of what you can do in terms of Mobile web”.

Finally, some interesting resources:

http://mobilemonday.org.uk/ monthly event in London, dicussing current mobile trends.
http://mtld.mobi/ infos on .mobi websites.
http://mr.dev.mobi/to check if you .mobi website is working
http://www.w3.org/Mobile/ W3C on mobile web standards


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